Capoeira Conviver is an established not for profit capoeira group with 20 years’ experience teaching and performing capoeira UK and worldwide. In 2016, we propose to set up Oldham's first Capoeira School, linking Oldham with existing branches in Manchester, Birmingham, and Santos, Brazil. Capoeira is a Brazilian Dance-Martial Art with UNESCO status. It has its roots in slavery, and combines movement, music, acrobatics, martial arts, dance and game play. Practising capoeira has valuable benefits for physical and mental health, education, cultural awareness and social cohesion.

In collaboration with Let’s Get Active Oldham, Capoeira Conviver  has set up a regular class in the Coldhurst ward of Oldham at the Let’s Get Active Studio.  The young students have excelled at the art, learning the discipline to a high degree and passing their exams to earn their uniforms. In recognition of their efforts we have decided to host our International Festival in their neighbourhood next year in order to provide a platform for the skills they have attained. In addition, they will have a chance to participate in workshops with world class performers, a musical recording, and take part in a grading ceremony where they will earn their belts.

Capoeira Conviver is a Capoeira group led by Master Valdir Da Silva, a Brazilian master with over 30 years experience practising, teaching and performing Capoeira in Brazil and across Europe. We currently lead a number of regular classes in Manchester and Hull, offer workshops, performances and residencies across the UK, and abroad. Capoeira Conviver have performed on national and international platforms, including appearances on local television, Brazilian television and presentations to the Brazilian football team. Master Valdir’s work has also featured in a short film by Anonymous Room Productions called ‘Meu amigo Valdir’. We have also hosted numerous festivals and trained a number of students to formado (teacher) level.

Any contribution would be much appreciated. Our students are all from areas with low socio-economic profiles and high deprivation indices, therefore they are unable to meet the cost of their training and gradings, which includes new uniforms (trousers, t shirt and sweatshirts) music and other equipment.

The group is funded by memberships, voluntary donations and sponsorships.  Hence, the need for this campaign.
Long term we hope to establish capoeira in Oldham with our students at the forefront, encouraging diversity, discipline, healthy living and cultural awareness through the arts and sport.


The Group has advertised to its 'partner' dance groups, friends and family and local businesses in Oldham that have a connection to the studio.  The capoeira group leaders also have a meeting lined up with Allfm radio to see if it can get some extra publicity.


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