Farida Anderson MBE has through funding from Greater Sport (the community sports partnership for Greater Manchester) created a benevolent enterprise called, FACT.

These abbreviations stand for Fitness After Cancer Treatment.  The catalyst behind the Organisation was that the Founder’s personal experiences illustrated that fitness and exercise opportunities were limited post-treatment for cancer patients.

Cancer has an extreme effect on the body and on overall physical health. Cancer treatment itself can compound this so that cancer survivors are often left weak, frail and out of shape. Once medical support has come to an end, many feel overwhelmed and demoralised by the task of overcoming the aftermath of cancer on their own. So the transition back into to life after cancer can be both physically and emotionally challenging as well as lonely.

FACT helps recent cancer survivors regain confidence, strength and wellbeing through a programme of physical activity, mindfulness and nutritional advice.

Whilst in early days, this is an important enterprise, in the third sector in Greater Manchester (but also operating further afield). A generous donor has given a donation to FACT and if we can match fund through CrowdScrum for a similar amount we will be able to create a much needed administrative position to help with the overall functioning of the body plus the procedures associated with the acceptance, processing and distribution of ‘exercise grants’ (personalised budget support) that the Organisation is also giving back to communities to help that first step into exercise – be that gym memberships, personal fitness trainer, life coach etc).

FACT. There is a new organisation, dedicated to helping people rebuild physical fitness and emotional wellbeing after cancer treatment…


Founder, Farida Anderson MBE, approaches Ashley Banjo from Diversity to help raise awareness.

New volunteer generously gives up time to help on FACT social media activity behind Campaign.


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